Look Like a Pro. Play Like a Pro. Lazer Pro.

Lazer Pro Sports was founded by players for players on the simple premise that professional quality baseball and softball equipment should be available to the general public at affordable prices. We know that each player wants the best equipment that they can possibly get their hands on, which is why we use the same materials for each customer order that we do for each professional order. All of our fielding gloves are meticulously hand crafted by our expert team of craftsmen using the finest Japanese tanned steerhide and kip leather in the world. After the extensive process of selecting, cutting, embroidering and assembling the leather, each glove is then sent through a final inspection by our quality control team. Once the glove passes inspection, it is then shipped to its new owner. Not to be out done however, are our wood bats. All of our mallets, bats and fungos feature Grade A MLB Prime maple and ash wood billets from the forests of New York. Each billet is selected, weighed, turned according to the make and model, sanded, and then finished in a number of different styles including our personal favorite- custom camo.

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