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Frequently asked questions

What baseball and softball equipment do you offer?

We specialize in high-end custom baseball gloves, custom softball gloves, custom training gloves, custom batting gloves and custom wood bats.

How much does a custom glove cost?

Custom trainers start at $125 and custom game models start at $235. Each glove is a 1 of 1 handcrafted to its owner's specifications. Because of that, prices vary depending on leather type, custom logos, etc.

I need a glove relaced. Do you offer relacing services?

We've teamed up with Reglove ( to offer world class relacing services to our Lazer Pro Fam. Head over to Reglove and tell them we sent you! Braden is the best in the business and is sure to take great care of you.

Can you add embroidery or engraving to my glove?

We currently do not offer any aftermarket customization services. All of our products are designed from scratch to meet your specifications. We would be happy to walk you through the design process for your new custom glove or bat.